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Here are two reasons why you should be using FiveWest to transfer forex from one country to another:

Time: It takes less than a day

Cost: Way cheaper than anyone else

Security: All transfers are highly secure, and our payment gateway is easy to use.

Head over to moneytransfer and compare FiveWest’s forex service with the banks. You will be shocked. FiveWest is head and shoulders above the competition in terms of forex rates, and speed of transfer. Bear in mind that rates will change from day to day, but what will not change is the fact that FiveWest will offer the fastest transfer times at the best rates.

How do I transfer money with FiveWest?

The first step is to open an account at FiveWest and then click on “Create Your Account”.

Is FiveWest regulated?

FiveWest is an authorized Financial Services Provider (FSP) and regulated primary accountable institution with the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC). We also hold a mandate from the SA Reserve Bank to facilitate international payments.

What currencies can I transfer?

Whether you need to send money from the UK, Europe, the US, or from Africa — you can do it via FiveWest. We offer the ability to trade in 46 currencies worldwide, which means we cover pretty much the entire globe.

Emergency Transfer?

Millions of people work abroad and send funds back to families living in their home countries. Remittances are a huge market, particularly in Africa and Asia, accounting for some 24% of GDP in countries like The Gambia. People in Africa rely on this support from family members working abroad, and money is usually needed immediately. Waiting 2–3 days can mean the difference between eating and going hungry. In situations like this, speed of transfer is critical.

Published: 24 May 2023Discover and compare the best online money transfer solutions for sending money to South Africa

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