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International Payments

International money transfers into and out of South Africa at the best rates. You can save up to 5% compared to services like PayPal if you switch to Fivewest!

Fast, cheap, and secure international money transfers across the globe. Our rates are always verified against our competitors to ensure our customers receive the best deal. Create an account as an individual or business and start transacting today.

Benefit for our clients

  • International transfer

    Send money securely and quickly at the optimum time to transfer.

  • Dedicated account manager

    We provide each client with a dedicated account manager who can assist you with any questions you may have and actively manage your recurring transactions.

  • Book forward rate

    Take control of your transfers by booking forward rates during optimal market conditions. When spreads are favorable, you can book forward rates and then split payments into multiple transactions over a period of time.

Send currency anywhere! Get these docs ready for your account.

We take you step by step through this process to make it easy.

    ID Document

    Proof of address

Please note that our banking partner may ask for additional documentation.

Create your FiveWest account today

We take care of our onboarding clients, making the process a breeze. Get started with a free account to see how FiveWest can help you and your financial goals.

Utilizing traditional banking and blockchain technology, we specialise in the trading automation of digital assets & forex.




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