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Our OTC desk provides clients with the deepest liquidity in ZAR to BTC, ETH, and other altcoins. We offer fast execution and tight spreads. OTC trading involves the direct trading of digital currencies between two parties, outside of an exchange, to avoid slippage. We provide a personalized service to investors looking to trade large ZAR cryptocurrency orders (R10k to R10m+) with no slippage. FiveWest offers OTC services for popular assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Benefits for our clients

  • Minimise price impact

    Our desk operates much like an OTC broker in the stock market world. Our brokers function as intermediaries to allow our clients to buy and sell large amounts of crypto in ways that are not possible using automated trading exchange platforms.

  • Reduced slippage

    FiveWest’s crypto OTC desk provides greater liquidity compared to traditional exchanges. This is particularly beneficial for institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals who may be looking to conduct large trades without affecting the market price.

  • Faster settlement times

    We provide instant settlement for trades if the account is pre-funded with fiat

The OTC Process

  • Open an account

    To use our OTC services you will be required to open a secure and safe FiveWest Private Client Account.

  • Place your order

    Place your order using your preferred method of communication: WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack or over the phone.

  • Fund your account

    Purchase crypto assets with your local FIAT currency or transfer crypto to your designated wallet address that we will provide you.

Key product stats:

Minimum transaction amount


Setup time for new users

1-2 business days

OTC time

Settlement is instant

The best way to organise OTC trades is by chatting directly to the team.

To create an account, get these documents ready!

We take you step by step through this process to make it easy.

    ID Document

    Proof of address

Please note that our banking partner may ask for additional documentation.

Create your FiveWest account today

We take care of our onboarding clients, making the process a breeze. Get started with a free account to see how FiveWest can help you and your financial goals.

Utilizing traditional banking and blockchain technology, we specialise in the trading automation of digital assets & forex.




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