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FiveWest clients will be pleased to hear that a new and instantaneous Buy/Sell feature has been added to the FiveWest dashboard.

What does this mean in practical terms?

It means, for example, you can switch between fiat ZAR and US dollar stablecoins such as USDC with the simple click of a button. Or you can get a market quote on Bitcoin and compare that price with other crypto providers to see if you are getting the best deal available.

“We are excited to announce the launch of FiveWest’s latest instant Buy/Sell feature. Now, you can effortlessly trade between stablecoins and ZAR with our intuitive user interface, anytime, day or night,” says FiveWest CEO Omer Iqbal.

To access this feature, you have to sign up with FiveWest here.

Once your wallet is funded with either crypto or ZAR, the funds are immediately available for trading. “There’s no more waiting around,” adds Iqbal. “After completing your trades, the funds are instantly accessible in your wallet. You can also request withdrawals, which are processed multiple times per day for your convenience.”

Crypto traders will appreciate the convenience of being able to switch instantly between fiat or crypto into stablecoins. Prudent investors and traders will understand that ZAR has been one of the world’s weakest currencies this year so far, so hedging against any further weakness might be a smart strategy. When the opportunity presents itself to re-enter the crypto market, this can likewise be done in an instant with the click of a button.

“If you still prefer a personal touch, our dedicated over-the-phone trading desk is at your service. Call our OTC desk to negotiate rates and settle funds directly into your wallet at the agreed-upon rate. Other crypto and fiat currencies are currently available on the OTC desk and will be added to the Instant Buy/Sell, along with other advanced features, such as margin trading, in the near future,” says Iqbal.

Complete our short KYC process and begin trading automatically with FiveWest today!

Click here to Access this great, new feature!
Published: 15 June 2023FiveWest launches new instant Buy/Sell function
Ciaran Ryan

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