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Collection agencies looking for a Crypto on-ramp for clients into a CRYPTO portfolio Problem

Collection agencies

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A company that was looking for a cost-effective method to get client funds into either a Crypto fund or just into their client’s personal accounts. On the current exchanges in south Africa individuals can be charged up to 2% for an OTC trade and a further 1.4% on their instant EFT deposits, this is all on top of the premium at the time meaning that a client could pay more than 5% for their ZAR to become Crypto.


FiveWest provides a clean and simple solution to collection agencies to simply supply their clients with crypto at rates that are far below the exorbitant rates of the current service providers. This is done by connecting the vast range of sellers that Fivewest has at any point in time with the respective buyers looking for an onramp solution.


Rates can be locked at the click of a button and all settlements can be made the same day, providing everyone with a fast and simple onramp solution for all of their crypto needs.

Published: 19 October 2022
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